1. Description

The fusioninventory module is the server part of the fusioninventory agent.

2. Installation

Simple install the module via settings->modules.

3. Usage

If you install the fusioninventory agent you have to specify the following:
  • Username / Password
  • Realm
  • URI

  • You have to set up a user which should be specified during the installation / configuration part of the agent. You can set the realm in the configuration page in settings->modules->fusioninventory. The URI has to be in this form:
  • http[s]://YOURSERVER/PATH/www/modules/fusioninventory/controller.php
  • It is recommended to use the https protocol to protect your username/password.

    4. Settings

    4.1. Global module settings

  • Number of hours between two runs of the agent.
  • Add host to database if no entry exist
  • Delete old inventory sets from older clients
  • Automatic assign inventory to host
  • Save xml files
  • Path to save XML files
  • Realm
  • Time in miliseconds after the live search will be send
  • 4.2. User settings

  • Activate live search
  • Entries per page