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0. 10 years celebration

On 28.12.2014 uranos celebrate 10 years of development. We spend a new modern layout based on bootstrap to uranos. Feel free to download the newest release or update your installation.

1. Support

1.1 Available support

Do you need support? We can provide:
  • installation support
  • runtime support
  • training
  • implementation of new features
  • deploying a running hard disk image (running with vmware / xen / qemu or on your preferred hardware / virtualizer)
  • Support is available via:
  • E-Mail
  • Phone
  • in person
  • Why this is all free:
  • There is no pretension for support in any legal sense.
  • It comes with absolutely no warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law.
  • Personal on-site installation support is available, the cost of which covers expenses incurred only (i.e. travel, board, lodging, etc.). Feel free to contact me (mariogzuk AT technikz DOT de) !

    1.1.2 Prepare for on-site consulting/training Possible Topics:

  • Instalation uranos / vmware-image
  • Backend uranos (LDAP/Database)
  • Authentification
  • Modules
  • Connnectors
  • Available enterprise products
  • Software installation (metods, installer,introduction in the uranos methods)
  • Windows Scripting host
  • Commandline (cmd)
  • Driver integration (Textmode, Gui-mode)
  • OS Installation (image based, windows unattended, linux installers)
  • Inventory
  • Logging
  • PXE management
  • How to extend uranos (API introduction)
  • Optional Topics(not realy needed for unattended installations):

  • LDAP based DHCP management (isc-dhcp)
  • LDAP based DNS management (isc-bind)
  • global syslog management
  • global cron management
  • switch management
  • Wiki
  • Connection/Searching to existing request trackers
  • Exisiting environment:

  • available authentification systems
  • available user databases (Ldap?,Active Directory?, NT4-Domain?, etc..)
  • available virtualizer
  • available fileservice (Samba/NFS/...)
  • preffered operating system to run uranos
  • used operating systems in your environment
  • 1.2. Features

    Main Features:
  • support unattended installation of several windows OS and linux distributions
  • Install software (via network share or http/ftp)
  • Update software if a new version is available
  • Software repositorys can be synced from every place (see the flash videos in the media section)
  • central syslog managment via syslog_ng or rsyslog
  • central cron managment
  • switch managment with SNMP support and error reporting
  • DHCP-Ldap configuration management
  • DNS-Ldap configuration management
  • TFTP / PXE management
  • Ldap editor/manager
  • PHP ssh client
  • Permission managment
  • Several authentification systems supported (LDAP, Database, Active Directory, IMAP)
  • Automatical add computers to database via arpwatch
  • LDAP or Database as user/group backend
  • Inventory of Win/LNX/UNIX/Andoriod/MaCOS through fusioninventory (
  • Multilanguage support in the GUI
  • Online update possible, no more need to make a new installation of the GUI....
  • Highly customizable
  • Password recovery
  • Offline virus scanning
  • Offline regedit
  • Backup/restore included
  • Lifecycle Management
  • 1.2.1. WinUAAgent

    Many thankz to Michael Kolowicz who has written the agent. The agent will run as a windows service and handle the following tasks:
  • configurable timer for each task
  • install software which is assigned to a computer
  • install software which is assigned to a user (the software for the current logged in user will be installed)
  • update installed software
  • install c't Offline updates
  • 1.2.2. uranos image (KVM, VMware, XEN, physical, ...)

    You can now install your own uranos server via this project page. All you need is to contact me that I crate your own automated installation for uranos with your preferred operating system. For more informations use the mailing lists or contact me directly.

    1.3. Documentation

    Documentation is available here. You can find also some German documentation on There is also an howto install uranos with XAMPP on Windows.

    1.4. uranos DEMO

    You are currently in the DEMO.
    You can login via username: testuser password: unattended

    1.4.1. uranos PXE demo

    You can download the gpxe files from the download page. This images are based on Etherboot/gPXE. The included script try to get a IP address from you local DHCP server. After that it try to load the pxe menu you can find on this DEMO page located on Here you can test the PXE menu and also start some entries from there. If you start an profile which is based on uranos-boot (e.g. offline virus scanning) it may take some time till the kernel and the initial ramdisk is loaded. Also you can start an unattended installation of the uranos server from there. Feel free to use the mailing lists to get more informations about that.

    1.5. Versioning

    See more about the versioning here: versioning

    1.6. Changelog


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    Download page

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