1. Description

This connector will search your LDAP database for the computername and display the results.

2. Installation

Simple install the connector via settings->connectors.

3. Configuration

You can reach the configuration in the main settings module in the connectors section. There is a "Configuration" link behind the conncetor if the connector is installed.
  • User the user DN to connect to the ldapserver, leave empty if anonymouse bind is wanted.
  • Password the password for the user DN.
  • Host the hostname of the ldap server.
  • BaseDN the base DN, the search will be performed in the base of this DN.
  • Port the port of the ldap server.
  • Entry name the attr name for the DN to search, e.g. cn.
  • Search samba host the base DN for search samba host entries.

  • 4. Usage

    After configure your ldap server will be searched for the hostname.
    Here is an example of an ipHost:
    Here is an example of an Samba host: